The Board

Our Board is elected by our membership and acts as our Board of Directors. 

TPAV's Board is directly elected by its members to govern its and to provide strategic policy direction for the day-to day management and implementation of its Administration.  

The Board is headed by President, John Laird. 

Meet the TPAV Board.

A profile of all members of the current Board can be viewed below.


John Laird
Senior Sergeant
The Police Association
9468 2600

Karl David
Senior Vice President
Rosebud Police Station
5986 0444

Dermot Avon
Junior Vice President
Senior Sergeant
St Kilda Police Station
9257 3800

Max Jackson
Melbourne North Police Station
8379 0800

Geri Porter
Assistant Treasurer
VIC Branch Delegate to PFA Federal Council
LAC at Whittlesea
9566 9641

Michael Lamb
Senior Sergeant
Frankston Police Station
9784 5555

Calum McCann
Board Member
Macedon Ranges 
54 282640


Alex O'Toole
Board Member
Senior Sergeant
Southbank Police Station
03 8635 0900

Damien Peppler
Board Member
03 57230806



James McLaughlin
Board Member
Senior Constable
Public Order Response - Team Three

Eamon Leahy
Board Member
Senior Sergeant
Sale Police Complex
5147 1026

Mark Sims
Board Member
Kyneton Police Station



Members can contact our Board here.