Research & Advocacy

Research & Advocacy Resources for Members

The Police Assoication's Research and Advocacy Team are responsible for conducting primary quantitative and qualitative research with our membership to inform our strategic direction and decision-making. Research and Advocacy has a proactive function, producing research reports on issues identified directly by members, as well as a reactive function, which involves responding to government consultations, inquiries, and royal commissions.

This page provides a selection of these reports and submissions. Members will appreciate that many of the reports and submissions generated by TPAV are highly sensitive in nature. For this reason, we can only make a small selection of work available. Members are reminded that these documents are marked NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION. They are for the interest of members only.

If you would like further information on any of these publications, please contact the Research and Advocacy Team at

On this page, members can also view current research participation opportunities, and suggest potential topics that you want us to look into.

Research Reports

TPAV regularly undertakes critical research into specific issues, matters impacting member at specific ranks, and matters impacting particular workplaces.


TPAV regularly advocates from members by writing submissions to government and other organisations. Research and consultation with our membership ensures that we are representing your best interests accurately.

Current Research Opportunities

Check in with this page to see what current TPAV Research you may be able to participate in.