Having trouble logging in?

If you are having issues logging in, you may need to do an account reset.

An account reset email will be sent to your Victoria Police email address & an alternative email address that you may have provided to us (this allows you to reset your account if you are not at work).

Please note, to receive your account reset, we ask that you use the following format:

You then enter your a new password. Once this process is complete you will be logged into your member portal.

  • VicPol police email: vp12345@police.vic.gov.au
  • VicPol PSO email: vz01234@police.vic.gov.au
  • For Recruits*, your Employee Number VicPol email address (sometimes referred to as Recruit email address) e.g. v123456@police.vic.gov.au

These can all be used as your Username for the app too.

*If you’re a Recruit and you haven’t received an email from us on how to do that, please contact us.

If any issues still persist, please contact us.