Frankston woman charged after allegedly assaulting police after mask query

Published by the Herald Sun on 4 August 2020

A mask-dodging Frankston woman could be jailed after allegedly smashing a police officer’s head into the ground several times during a confrontation on Monday.

An alleged cop basher has been charged with nine offences including two counts of assault emergency worker after an incident in Frankston on Monday night.

It is alleged the 38-year-old Frankston woman assaulted two female police officers after she was approached and questioned for not wearing a face covering in Frankston’s CBD about 5pm.

It is alleged the woman pushed one police officer and struck the other police officer’s head into the ground several times into the concrete floor before being restrained and arrested.

The police officer received significant head injuries and was taken to the Frankston hospital for treatment.

The alleged offender was released on bail and will face court at a later date.

She has been charged with:

ASSAULT Police Indictable;

RECKLESSLY Cause Injury;

TWO COUNTS of Assault Emergency worker;

TWO COUNTS of Resist Emergency worker on duty;

TWO COUNTS of Unlawful Assault and

REFUSE/FAIL to State name and address

There is a mandatory six-month jail sentence for those who assault emergency workers.

She was also fined $200 for not wearing a mask.

Premier Daniel Andrews said that sort of behaviour was nothing short of fundamentally disgusting.

“Police are out there putting themselves out in harm’s way. They run toward the danger when the rest of us wouldn’t, and if you behave that way, then that is appalling, absolutely appalling,” he said.

“There are provisions in place to deal with those who think that police and other emergency services and be treated that way.

“They are wrong to think that and they will be dealt with harshly. Wear the mask, for heaven’s sake.”

The boss of the police union has hit out at the “absolute and utter disregard” for the thin blue line, saying officers were sick and tired of “smart asses” seeking the public spotlight.

Sergeant Wayne Gatt said frontline emergency service workers should not be subject to violent attacks.

“This is just not on, we should be holding them (police) in the highest regard, not dragging them to the ground and smashing them into the concrete,” he said.

“This is absolutely reprehensible, to do this at any time is unexplainable, you cannot have an excuse for this.

“We’re at a complete loss as to why this would occur.”

The early career officer was at home recovering from her injuries today - including a sore head, a headache and a concussion.

She is also missing a clump of her hair.

Sergeant Gatt said the alleged attack was sparked when the officers asked the woman for her name.

“The offender had a clump (of hair) in her hand and said to our member, ‘what is it like to have your hair in my hands’ or words to that effect,” he said.

“That is just horrible conduct, it is not humanlike.

“Nothing excuses that. There is no reason for ever doing that, especially when our police and PSOS are at the frontline of this pandemic trying to keep all of us safe.

“These are impacting events and they are not exactly isolated.

“Our members have been stood up by smart asses around the state who want their five minutes of fame in front of a camera. The time for that has come and gone, we need to band together and support each other and support our police.”

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