Police Association boss condemns ‘disgusting’ attacks … but he’s not surprised

Broadcast by 3AW on 7 August 2020

The Police Association says it’s not overly surprised by the “disgusting” behaviour being directed at its members during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Wayne Gatt told Neil Mitchell it was simply being highlighted more, given the situation.

There have been several assaults on officers this week, highlighted by a brutal attack on a female officer at Frankston.

“It’s disgusting behaviour,” Mr Gatt told 3AW.

“But what COVID has done has highlighted what happens to our members every day of the week, when nobody else is looking.

“But now everybody has their eyes on this, because we’ve all got skin in the game.

“We all need this operation, if I can use that word, to succeed, so we’re paying a bit more attention.”

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