2021 news coverage


3AW, 21 October
Police still ‘don’t have the guidelines’ on enforcement of new eased Chief Health Officer’s rules

The Age, 8 October
‘Failed to protect them’: Tactical shortcomings, inadequate training raised in Kew protest review

The Age, 7 October
Police officer in hospital with COVID-19 after protest exposure

ABC News, 7 October
Two police officers in hospital after contracting COVID-19 at protests

Herald Sun, 23 September
Thugs on a futile crusade

3AW, 19 September
TPAV Secretary Wayne Gatt on violent anti lockdown protests

Sunrise, 19 September
TPAV Secretary Wayne Gatt on violent anti lockdown protests

3AW, 17 August
Union boss calls for ‘realistic’ expectations of police enforcing COVID-19 restrictions

3AW, 27 August
Police union boss’s message to anti-lockdown thugs ‘intimidating’ police online

10 News Melbourne, 18 August
TPAV Concerns About COVID Restrictions

3AW, 18 August
The change the police union boss says will boost COVID-19 rule compliance

Herald Sun, 18 August
Tough to cop being fun police: Playground ban hard to take

Herald Sun, 7 August
TPAV advocates for tasers in the wake of another on duty police injury

3AW, 9 June
Why are police and PSOs not being prioritised for COVID vaccination?

3AW, 1 June
Police union boss says we’re being taken ‘for fools’ by government

The Age, 31 May
Ring-of-steel approach ‘ineffective’, should not be reintroduced: police union

The Australian, 25 May
Keep this serial killer behind bars forever, victims’ families plead

Herald Sun, 19 May
Police not consulted over second safe injecting room

3AW, 12 May
Police stuff-up accidentally encourages officers working in quarantine to use public transport

9 News, 14 April
Families share their grief after Eastern Freeway truck driver Mohinder Singh sentenced to 22 years in jail

3AW, 8 April
Entire Victoria Police booze bus fleet expected to be off the roads until late May

3AW, 8 April
Police union boss hits out at ‘bonkers’ drug-testing proposal from the Victorian Coroner

The Today Show, 6 April
Wayne Gatt discusses Right to Disconnect live on Today

ABC The Business, 6 April
Right to disconnect looms as massive work change giving lives back to employees 

3AW, 16 March
Drop A Cop! Union boss faces his fears in the name of police mental health

The Age, 26 February
‘Heavy cost’: Patrols at Melbourne train stations slump as police feel pinch

ABC Radio Melbourne, 25 February
Closure of police station counters

The Age, 27 January
Calls for police to return to Melbourne as COVID response triggers station closures

3AW, 27 January
Police union says it’s time to bring officers home from border checkpoints

ABC News, 24 January
Victoria Police services impacted by deployment to coronavirus hotel quarantine, border

3AW, 18 January
Police ‘frustrated’ by order to drop unpaid COVID-19 fines

The Age, 17 January
Police to drop most COVID-19 fines and hand out cautions

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