PSO is brutally bashed at Carrum station

One of our PSO members has recently been brutally assaulted while working to protect our community.

We are appalled by what has happened. 

“This is abhorrent. It’s become a sad reality for our members, that they can go to work to look after the community and come home looking like this.”

“While it has become all too common, this should never be an accepted part of the job for police or PSOs.” - Bruce McKenzie, TPAV Assistant Secretary

At The Police Association Victoria, our objective is to make sure that our members go home the same way they've come to work, safe. 

Some of the recent assaults on our members have resulted in serious injuries.

We have asked the Government to bring about additional legislation where there is an additional penalty for, PSOs and Police Officers, who are assaulted in the line of duty.

We have had to go to the Victorian Government to have this legislation introduced because the Courts were simply not imposing realistic penalties for the very serious offence of assaulting our members at work.

Fortunately, the officer is doing well and we're happy to report that he will be back at work soon.

"We hope that the courts will not just see fit in these cases to impose minimal penalties - let's hope that they impose penalties that are realistic and fit the crime." - Bruce McKenzie, TPAV Assistant Secretary


Tuesday 23 January 2017

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